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Fine Arts


Experience One engages students and faculty in actively exploring the knowledge, purposes, and practices in every field of study.

Perfectly suited to Experience One, the fine arts department courses allows students the time needed to fully focus on the creative process from conception to production and critique.

Montana Western’s inspired faculty are committed to the arts and to fostering the skills, visions and passions of art students. Students gain an in-depth and concentrated education in the arts, which provide an opportunity to engage with and advance skills in an artistic material or process and cultivate the conceptual depth of their work, without distraction, enabling the students to develop a true-to-life art practice that will ensure strong and sustainable working practices beyond their time at Montana Western.

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What Fine Arts Students Have to Say

Lucas Phillips, Psychology

“The amount of hands-on experience is perfect.”

-Lucas Phillips, Psychology

Lisa Clark, K-12 Art Education

“Well paced projects and use of a variety of materials.”

-Lisa Clark, K-12 Art Education

Micha Cummins, K-12 Art Education Minor

“I want to help students enjoy art.”

-Micha Cummins, K-12 Art Education Minor

Kody Brown, K-12 Art Education

“Professors push us to think critically about our work.”

-Kody Brown, K-12 Art Education

Wyatt Sarrazin, Visual Arts

“Well-built facilities, fun and engaging classes.”

-Wyatt Sarrazin, Visual Arts

Shannon Youngblood, Early Childhood Education

“I really found my creativity.”

-Shannon Youngblood, Early Childhood Education

Contact Information

Fine Arts


Emerick studio 710 S. Atlantic




[email protected]