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Experience One engages students and faculty in actively exploring the knowledge, purposes, and practices in every field of study.

Data and its analysis allow us to improve our understanding of society and the world around us while making informed decisions. A mathematics degree at the University of Montana Western is unique in that it utilizes Experience One to provide students with the hands-on skills and experience needed to accurately gather and analyze data, which is applicable to every field of study.

These are skills sought after by employers, and they translate instantly to many future careers. Our students have gone on to conduct research at NASA, formulate policy for the National Academy of Sciences, and become award-winning educators.

Our students have utilized mathematics to:

  • Model the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Predict Whirling Disease outbreaks in Montana grayling populations
  • Understand the population dynamics of sockeye salmon in Alaska
  • Model the recession of glaciers in Glacier National Park
  • Determine how factors interact to produce colony collapse disorder in honeybees

What Mathematics Students Have to Say

Tyler Richardson, Mathematics

“The faculty make you think about your goals, and blend assistance with allowing students to grow on their own.”

-Tyler Richardson, Mathematics

Baleigh Doyle, Mathematics and Business

“At any other school, my internships with NASA just wouldn’t have been possible. Because of the block scheduling system, I’m able to make a clear path to my future goals.”

-Baleigh Doyle, Mathematics and Business



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