Built in 1920, Mathews is the second oldest building on campus. It is connected to the campus dining facility and a large percentage of the rooms have private sinks. Each room in Mathews Hall has its own unique shape and size. There are also a few rooms with private bathrooms, usually assigned to upper-classmen. The second and third levels are co-ed; each floor has gender neutral showers and bathrooms that are individual, private and secure.. The two other floors are designated male and female. Rooms in this hall are approximately 16′ x 11.5′ in size.

Residence Hall Staff

Mathews Hall Director: Shelby Austin

Assistant Hall Director: Katherine Goodman

RA: Duane Mckethen

RA: Shawn-Patrick Traynor

RA: Emily Hoy

RA: John Gamble

RA: Kiara Groves

RA: Liz Varner

Hall Gallery