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You are a freshman if you have received a high school diploma or GED in the last three years, are under 21 years of age and have never attended another college or university. Prospective freshmen must first satisfy one of the following conditions for admittance:

  1. ACT composite test score of 22 with proof of additional writing test score or SAT score of 1120.
  2. 2.5 cumulative high school GPA.
  3. Rank in top half of graduating high school class.

Freshman applicants must also submit all of the following:

  1. UMW Application for Admission (download the printable application, or apply online here).
  2. Out of state applications require a $30 non-refundable processing fee.
  3. Official high school transcript, after graduation.
  4. High School Self Report form (click for printable form).
  5. Immunization records that include two doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella.
  6. Official ACT or SAT scores.

In addition, freshman students also must meet the following academic requirements to be considered for a four year degree:

College Preparatory Curriculum Requirements

Freshman applicants must also meet the following college preparatory curriculum requirements:

1. English: four years.
2. Mathematics: three years (algebra I, geometry, algebra II or above).
3. Social Studies: three years.
4. Laboratory science: two years (one year must be earth science, biology, chemistry or physics).
5. Electives: two years (foreign language, computer science, visual and performing arts or approved vocational education units).

Writing Proficiency Requirements

Freshman entering a bachelor’s degree program must also meet one of the following writing proficiency requirements:

1. 7 or above on the ACT essay or earn an ACT ELA score of 18 (average of the English, reading, and writing score) ; or
2. 25 on the writing and language test of the SAT; or
3. 3.5 on the Montana University System (MUS) assessment; or
4. 3 on the AP English language or English literature examination; or
5. 4 on the IB language A1 exam.

Due to COVID-19 and closures of testing centers, you can apply for the upcoming Spring 2021, Summer 2021, or Fall 2021 semesters without taking an official ACT or SAT. Montana Western still encourages students to take the ACT or SAT for scholarship eligibility and course placement.

For more information on requirements for students that do not submit test scores, visit and scroll down to section E.

Mathematics Proficiency Requirements

Freshman entering a bachelor’s degree program must also meet the following mathematics proficiency requirements:

22 or above on ACT mathematics; or
27.5 or above on SAT math test; or
3 or above on the AP calculus AB or BC subject examination or a score of 4 on the IB calculus test.

Note: A student whose mathematics score is 18-21 on the ACT or 24-27 on the SAT meet the mathematics requirement for admission without condition to any two-year degree program or provisional admission to a four-year degree program on any campus of the MUS.

A student whose mathematics score is below 18 on the ACT or 24 on the SAT may be admitted without condition to any two-year degree program of the MUS, but may not be admitted to a four-year degree program of the MUS. Alternatively, students may be excused from any testing in mathematics and deemed proficient if they complete a rigorous high school core including four years of mathematics in high school (algebra I, algebra II, geometry and a course beyond algebra II with grades of C or better in all courses.