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Library Policies & FAQs

Library Policies & FAQs

A complete list of library-related policies and procedures are published on the “Library Policies” LibGuide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I earn Bulldog Points at the Library?

A: Yes! There is a card swiper in the library. You will receive 500 points per day for spending a minimum of 20 minutes studying at the library.

Q: How do I find a book?

A: Please come to the library front desk. We are happy to show you how to find books and tp provide individual instruction in how to use the library.

Q: How do I get a library card?

A: If you are a University student or employee, your Bulldog Card is your Library Card. If you are a community member, you can get a Library Card at the circulation desk. Bring photo identification, your email address, and your phone number.

Q: Does the library have any current fiction for leisure reading?

A: Yes! Please visit the leisure reading room downstairs in the library. Please bring those books upstairs to the library front desk to check them out.

Q: For how long may I keep library material?

A: Most books can be checked out for one month. Most video materials can be checked out for one week. Reference items and periodicals are for use in the library. Materials borrowed from other libraries and Reserve Items will have individual due dates based on the lender.

Q: May I renew library materials if I need to keep them longer?

A: Almost always! Please visit the library front desk or call 406-683-7495.

Q: What if I lose my book or if I lose a book in a series?

A: You will be charged for the cost of the replacement of the item plus a $10 processing fee. If an item is part of a series and it can’t be purchased individually, you will be charged for the cost of the replacement of the series.  Students with outstanding loans on materials and/or equipment will have a “hold” placed on the release of grades and transcripts. If the problem persists, the matter will be referred to a collection agency.

Q: Can I check out materials from other libraries?

A: Yes. Please visit the “Borrow from Another Library” LibGuide for details.

Q: Can I use the equipment in the MakerSpace if my project isn’t for a class?

A: Yes! All students are welcome to create projects or to experiment with technology in the MakerSpace. Please see the Library MakerSpace LibGuide for more information.