If you have questions about the check out processes, please reach out to your RA or visit the Bulldog Life Office. 

Deadlines and Important Dates

  • Winter Break Hall Closure—12pm, Thursday, December 21, 2023
    • All students must be checked out by this time, unless approved for Winter Break housing. 
  • Spring Semester Hall Re-Opening—returning students’ Bulldog Card access will be turned back on at 9:00 AM on Friday, January 5, 2024. 
  • Fall Semester Last Meal–DINNER, Wednesday, December 20, 2023
  • Spring Semester First Meal—DINNER, Sunday, January 7, 2022

General Winter Break Information

  • All residents need to complete a check-out with their residents before leaving for winter break. Failure to complete the winter break checkout with your RA will result in a $25.00 improper checkout fee. There will be no exceptions. You do not need to remove your belongings from your room if you are returning after winter break. 
  • The buildings will be locked and the heat will be turned down.  Please make sure to take all the belongings you will need for the break home with you. Also, remember to clean-out and defrost refrigerators to avoid a mess when you come back. If you absolutely have to have something from your room during break, please contact the Bulldog Life Office at 406-683-7565 between 8am-5pm. The office will be closed weekends and December 25th and January 1st.
  • Residence Life staff and Maintenance staff will be doing routine checks and maintenance during the break. Please make sure any work orders are in before you leave for break. Submit Work orders via the online form in the housing portal. 

Winter Break Check-Out Process

If you are returning to your residential space after winter break, please complete the following check out process:

  1. Schedule a check out time with your RA—a schedule is posted outside their door
  2. Complete Residence Life Survey
  3. BEFORE your check out time do the following:
    • Clean room—put away clothing, wipe down surfaces, sweep floor, etc. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you have a clean room to return to when you get back to campus in January, plus custodial will be checking rooms during break and we don’t want them dealing with a mess if they have to do repairs.
    • Empty garbage
    • Remove Holiday decorations
    • Close room window
    • Turn off lights
    • Unplug all cords
    • Unplug, empty, defrost and wipe out fridge
    • Secure valuables or take them with you
    • Lock your door as you leave (you will keep you room key during break)
  4. All double rooms MUST be prepared for a roommate
    • This applies to people who have a roommate not returning for Spring semester, or if there has been an empty space in room this semester.
  5. Go home and have a wonderful, safe winter break!! 

Permanently Leaving Check-Out Process

If you are not returning to the Residence Halls for Spring Semester you will need to complete a full check-out with your RA.

Reminder—freshmen are required to live on campus for the entire first year. 

Full Check-Out Process:

  1. Go to the Bulldog Life Office and talk to Office Manager Wendy Mehring to ensure Residence Life is aware of your withdrawal from housing and/or the University.
  2. Complete the Residence Life Survey
  3. Schedule a check out time with your RA—a schedule is posted outside their door
  4. BEFORE your check out time do the following
    • Remove all your belongings from the room
    • Wipe down surfaces and mop or vacuum the room

Your room should look as good or better than when you arrived. If the room is not clean upon departure, you will receive a cleaning fine. 

  1. Meet with your RA at scheduled check-out time
  2. Return room key to the Bulldog Life Office
    • If your check out time is not during open office hours, your RA will walk with you to the office to submit your key and sign out officially.

What does clean mean? (Checklist)

Need Housing Over Winter Break

Staying on campus for Official Western Athletics:

  1. Go to the Bulldog Life Office to inform Office Manager Wendy Mehring or Director of Residence Life Bonita Bontrager
  2. Bulldog Life Office will get a roster from coaches to verify if you need to stay.
  3. There is NOT a charge for staying on campus during winter break as an official part of Western Athletics. 

Staying on campus for personal/work/family reasons:

  1. Go to the Bulldog Life Office to discuss your situation with Office Manager Wendy Mehring or Director of Residence Life Bonita Bontrager
  2. If approved to stay on campus Winter Break you will be charged $175.00 for Winter Break Housing.
    • Winter Break Housing is not pro-rated. Your card access will remain on for all of break and you will come and go as you need.