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UMW Natural Horsemanship Student Completes Internship in Italy

February 27, 2019

Isabella Mugliari, a senior at UMW, is originally from Padua, Italy. She spent the summer of 2018 back in her hometown interning at a riding barn. Completion of an internship with someone already established in the equine industry is a graduation requirement for those enrolled in the Natural Horsemanship degree program.

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Montana Western’s Natural Horsemanship major is a unique, one of a kind program that immerses students in a hands-on learning environment, known as Experience One. Horsemanship skills taught in the practical classes are based on the principles of equine behavior along with horse training methods of renowned horsemanship experts. Montana Western is the only four-year academic institution to offer this kind of degree.

When Montana Western was suggested to Mugliari, it didn’t take her long to decide the college would be a perfect fit. UMW’s block scheduling system has allowed Mugliari to be engrossed in bettering her horsemanship. At Montana Western, students take one course at a time for 18 days before moving on to the next course.

“Taking one class at a time gives me the opportunity to stay really focused while still having time to work with my horse,” stated Mugliari.

During her internship this past summer, Mugliari spent time helping the barn owner with various managerial tasks associated with operating such a multi-faceted business. She helped prepare the grounds for a jumping competition and even got to announce the horse and rider combinations at that competition. In addition, Mugliari helped with the barn’s summer camp by teaching young kids how to ride and care for their horses.

With a passion for teaching and helping out young and troubled horses, Mugliari will graduate from Montana Western in May. She hopes to one day be a barn owner herself back in Europe.

“Natural Horsemanship isn’t really known about back home, I want to help change that,” Mugliari said.

Mugliari is confident in the education she has received and feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn horsemanship skills from top equine instructors.

Her advice to current Natural Horsemanship students is simple: “Never give up and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The professors here at Montana Western are always willing to help.”

To learn more about Montana Western’s Equine Studies Department and their unique Natural Horsemanship degree, please visit their website.