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Great Falls Development Authority has 5 internships available beginning summer 2021. Details here.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Summer Internship Opportunities are now available! Check out:

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You can now access CAREER SERVICES online! 

Career Services has a Moodle course page. Go to Moodle, login, and search for Career Services in the course search box at the bottom of the page. On your first visit, you will need to ENROLL, but then Career Services will show as one of your courses.

What’s on the Moodle Career Services Course Page?

Coming soon! Interviews with 2021 graduates! See and hear graduates talk about their future plans, when they decided what they wanted to do after graduation and how COVID 19 affected their plans. Listen to 2 minute voice recordings about career planning, academic & career alignment, career clusters, and internships. Watch narrated PowerPoint presentations on Career Services workshops anytime you want. Watch narrated presentations on Optimal Resume, and more!

Check out the Career Services YouTube Channel!

Students & job seekers:  Due to the COVID 19 restrictions on campus, we will be offering Zoom appointments and responding to emails during fall and spring semesters. We will continue to post new employment opportunities daily.

The University of Montana Western’s Career Services office provides career readiness workshops and can assist students in finding employment throughout their collegiate career and after graduation.  We offer guidance to students and alumni in career exploration and job searches. Additional services include assistance with resume and cover letter development, enhancing interview skills, portfolio building, and completing job applications properly. Career Services can look over your resume, make suggestions and provide resources for resume writing.

To request that a job be posted on our website, e-mail the listing to:

Career Services Hours                                          

Monday – Friday
8:00  – 12:00 & 1:00 – 5:00

Zoom appointments are available. To schedule an appointment, please call 406-683-7004, or 406-683-7143.


Career Services

Lower Library Commons 006