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Work Study Positions

Summer 2022 Positions

Admissions – Office Assistant (Federal) See Leslie Ferguson
Admissions – Evaluator’s Assistant (Federal) See Janet Jones
Advising Center – Office Clerk  See Suzanne Forrester
BARC Athletics Event Worker See Lindsey Branch
Facilities Services – Custodial (Federal & State) See Joe Chipponeri
Facilities Services – Grounds (Federal & State) See Joe Chipponeri
(Interviewing 8.1.22; work begins 8-8-22 ) Fine Arts/Drama – Facilities & Event Assistant See Stephen Seder

Fall 2022 Positions (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 2022)

(CLOSED) Conference Services – Event Worker (Federal & State) See Kathy Simkins
(CLOSED) Dining Services – Kitchen Worker See Tara Jones
(CLOSED)BARC Concessions See
(CLOSED)BARC Safety/Security Worker See
(CLOSED)Block Hall Computer Lab – Computer Lab Assistant  See Eric Dyreson
(CLOSED)Bulldog Life – Custodial Technician (Federal & State) See Mike English/Nate Reid
(CLOSED)Business & Technology – Office Simulation Lab Assistant (Federal) See Kevin Engellant
(CLOSED)Communications- Printing & Graphics Office Assistant (3 Positions-Federal Only) See
(CLOSED) Education – District 10 Teaching Assistant (3 positions) See Connie Beck
(CLOSED) Environmental Science – Equipment & Logistical Manager ES student preferred, see Spruce Schoenemann
(CLOSED)Facilities Services – Clerical Assistant (Federal & State) See Joe Chipponeri
(CLOSED)Facilities Services – Custodial (Federal & State) See Joe Chipponeri
(CLOSED)Facilities Services – Grounds (Federal & State) See Joe Chipponeri
(CLOSED)Facilities Services – Motor Pool (Federal & State) See Joe Chipponeri
(CLOSED)Learning Center – Peer Tutors (Federal & State) See Susan White
(CLOSED)Student Wellness – Office Assistant See Rachel Harris, Dean of Students office
(CLOSED)UMW Foundation – Office Helper See Kelly Allen

(CLOSED) Admissions Tour Guide Office Assistant (Federal) See Leslie Ferguson
(CLOSED) ASUMW – Safe Ride Driver See Keeley Fitzgerald
(CLOSED) Biology – Biology Department Assistant See Mike Morrow
(CLOSED) Bulldog Life/Bulldog Card Center – Bulldog Card Assistant See Brittney Ferris
(CLOSED) Bulldog Life – Clerk/Office Assistant (Federal & State) See Wendy Mehring
(CLOSED) Career Services – Career Services Assistant (Federal Only)
(CLOSED) Communications – Graphic Designer See Matt Raffety
(CLOSED) Communications – Writer  See Matt Raffety
(CLOSED) ECE Program – Childcare Assistant See
(CLOSED) Education – Office of Field Experience – Office Assistant – See Connie Beck
(CLOSED) Equine Studies – La Cense Center Student Assistant (Federal) See Iola Else
(CLOSED) Equine Studies – Montana Center for Horsemanship Student Assistant (barn location), (State) See Iola Else
(CLOSED) Facilities Services – Mailroom Clerk See Tom Nichols
(CLOSED) Facilities Services – Parking/Mailroom Clerk See Tom Nichols
(CLOSED) Financial Aid Financial Aid Office Assistant See Amanda Burgstrom
(CLOSED) Fine Arts/Gallery – Gallery Assistant See Nathaniel Freeman
(CLOSED) Fine Arts/Glass Studio Glass Studio Monitor See Ruth King
(CLOSED) Library – Library Assistant See Kayla Schmeisser
(CLOSED) Registrar – Registrar Clerk See Charity Walter
(CLOSED) TRIO SSS – Front Desk Support See Rob Micken
(CLOSED) VMX – Office Assistant See Jenny Fox