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Safe Ride is a peer operated service provided by the Associated Students of the University of Montana Western (ASUMW).  Safe Ride is FREE to all UMW students with a valid student ID.  Sponsored by ASUMW, Safe Ride has the full support of UMW, local law enforcement, local dining/drinking establishments and the Beaverhead County DUI Task Force. 

Drivers are trained in Basic First Aid and have taken the Traffic Safety course through UMW Facilities Services. Safe Ride drivers operate in teams of two.  One team member does the driving while the other keeps an eye on the road and the passengers. All drivers and passengers are required to buckle up and follow current traffic laws and UMW Policies.

The use of drugs and tobacco products is prohibited in the Safe Ride vehicle.  Drivers are allowed to take passengers to residential addresses, eating establishments, grocery stores, and to campus.  Safe Ride utilizes university-owned transportation. The UMW motor pool offers a variety of clean, well-maintained vehicles. University employees and non-UMW students are prohibited from using the Safe Ride services.

Safe Ride is not just for students who have been drinking.  Our priority is the safety of our students. Our program and drivers work closely with the greater campus community to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. Working together, we can help keep our community and Bulldogs safe on the road!

Operating Hours:  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Nights from 10:00 PM until 2:00 AM

Contact Number:  (406) 865-0075

For more information on the program, please contact:

Augustina Wofford, ASUMW Program Coordinator

SUB Basement

Phone:  406-683-7211