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Student Success

Our Goal

Student success at Montana Western is not a choice that we the staff and faculty make, but one the student does. We are here to offer the tools, guidance, and opportunity so students can be successful.
We encourage you to explore the different tools we offer to help students succeed, whether it be through tutoring, advising, career planning, service learning, or our Trio Student Support Services program.

UMW Learning Center

The Learning Center offers free peer tutoring services for Western students.  Students are welcome to stop by during scheduled tutor hours, make an appointment online, or call 683-7200 to make an appointment.  The Learning Center is located in the Lower Library Commons (LLC) 006.

Getting the Most Out of Your Tutoring Experience

  • attend class and take notes
  • complete all assigned reading for class
  • visit the Learning Center as soon as you need help
  • bring textbooks, syllabi, tests, notes, papers, assignments, calculator, etc.
  • come prepared to do work

The Learning Center will:

  • provide friendly, helpful tutoring services to you as soon as possible after you arrive
  • assist students who attend class
  • supplement what you learn in class
  • provide a comfortable place to study
  • provide equipment and resource materials as availalbe for use in the Learning Center

The Learning Center will not:

  • teach/reteach subject matter covered in class
  • offer tutoring in all subjects all the time
  • teach students course work taught in class
  • provide undivided attention, especially when the center is busy
  • determine the grade or accept responsiblity for the grade a student earns
  • assume responsibility for how well or how poorly a student applies the suggestions offered
  • guarantee the assignments done with tutor assistance will meet the requirements of the professor