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The Learning Center will:

  • Provide friendly, helpful tutoring services to you
  • Provide a comfortable place to study
  • Provide computer workstations and resource materials available for use in the Learning Center

Peer tutor focus:

  • The Learning Center strives to offer tutoring in most major subjects
  • Tutors can help you strengthen your writing self-editing and revision skills
  • Tutors can help you improve your organization and study skills
  • Tutors can help you save time by learning more effective writing techniques
  • Tutors can help you learn proper citation to avoid unintentional plagiarism
  • Tutors can supplement your understanding of subject content to enhance your classroom learning

Get the most out of your tutoring experience:

  • Attend class and take notes
  • Complete all assigned reading for class
  • Visit the Learning Center as soon as you need help
  • Bring assignments, calculator, notes, papers, syllabi, tests, and textbooks, etc.
  • Come prepared to work!

Link to Learning Center Tutor Schedule