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301.1 Residence Hall Residency Requirement

Date Adopted: 8/26/1988
Date Revised: 10/10/2017
Date Last Reviewed: 6/28/2023
 BOR 502.1
Issuing Office: Student Affairs
Approved By: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

  1. Policy

    Living on Campus Requirements:  All students with fewer than 30 completed college credits are required to live in the residence halls.  Please note that credits awarded from Prior Learning Assessment such as Advanced Placement, CLEP, or International Baccalaureate credits do not count towards the 30 earned college credit requirement.  All residence hall students are required to contract for a meal plan.  Exceptions to this policy are listed in Section III-PROCEDURES below.

  2. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students make the appropriate social and academic transitions to college. Research supports the idea that residence hall students do better academically and have more access to on-campus resources by spending their first year in residence.  For students who have never lived on their own, the staff and facilities provide an environment where young adults can learn about civic and academic responsibility.

  3. Procedures

    All students with fewer than 30 credits are required to live in the residence halls.

    1. Exceptions to Residence Hall Residency Requirement

      • Living with a Family Member: Living with an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling or legal guardian) at their principal established local residence within a commutable radius per discretion of the committee.  Must supply 1) copy of power/heating bill or lease for proof of address and 2) a notarized letter from parent/legal guardian.  Letter should contain the name, relationship to the student and address of the immediate family member with whom the student will be living.
      • Married: Must be supported by a marriage certificate.
      • Physical custody of a dependent child: Must provide copy of child’s birth certificate to the Bulldog Life Office.
      • Completed one full academic year at college or university while living in a residence hall: An academic year is calculated as 2 semesters or 3 quarters.  Include documentation of residence hall living (housing bill, letter from the university, etc.).
      • 6 or fewer credits: Will be taking six or fewer credit hours.  Subject to verification.
      • Financial Hardship: Such as death, accident, or severe illness of primary family wage earner, recent substantial change in the family or student financial status beyond the control of the student, or unusual circumstances well supported by documentation.  Include letter from student, financial hardship worksheet and documentation of recent financial change.  If traditional freshman, must also include a notarized letter of support from parent/legal guardian.
      • Medical/disability related condition: A medical or disability condition that precludes you from living in the residence halls.  You will be required to provide medical documentation that supports your request to the Bulldog Life Office stating the specific reason(s) why living off campus is more accommodating to your medical situation than living on campus.
      • Current active military or veteran’s status: Student must verify by submitting a copy of their DD214.
      • Extenuating circumstances:  Circumstances have arisen that are not within the scope of the above listed criteria that makes living in the halls a hardship.  Include all pertinent documentation and a letter from the student.  If traditional freshman, must also include a notarized letter of support from parent/legal guardian.
    2. Exemption Forms

      Exemption forms are available from the Bulldog Life Office. All exceptions to the “30 Credit Rule” must be documented and submitted to the Bulldog Life Office. Forms may be requested by phone, mail, or via the campus website ( ).  All students under the 30-credit limit will be billed for room and board unless the exemption form has been received and approved in the Residence Life Office before the first day of classes. Students must be a registered student to reside in the residence halls.

  4. Authority

    BOR 502.1

  5. Responsibility

    Dean of Students, Senior Director of Auxiliary Services