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702.4 Military Leave

Date Adopted: 08/26/1988
Date Revised: 01/08/2009
References: MCA 10-1-604; MOM 300321
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Susan Briggs

  1. Policy

    The University of Montana Western shall administer Military Leave in accordance with applicable state law and established Human Resource Service procedures.

  2. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to comply with applicable state law and established Human Resource Service procedures.

  3. Procedures

    An employee who is a member of the organized militia of this state or who is a member of the organized or unorganized reserve corps or military forces of the United States, and who has been an employee for a period of six (6) continuous months, shall be given leave of absence with pay for a period of time not to exceed fifteen (15) working days in a calendar year for attending regular encampments, training cruises, and similar active duty training programs of the organized militia of the state or the military forces of the United States. Such leave of absence will not be charged against any other leave credit earned by the employee. Military Leave shall not be taken for regularly scheduled drills.

    Part-time employees are eligible for pro-rated Military Leave if they have worked the six (6) month qualifying period.

    Military Leave may not be accumulated from one year to the next.

    An employee may be requested by the supervisor to attach a copy of the military orders with the request for Military Leave.

    Employees who are members of Montana’s National Guard may be ordered to active federal or state service by competent authority to aid in the execution of the laws, suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or protect life and property in national disasters. When ordered to active duty for such exigencies, state employees shall have the option of taking Annual Leave or Leave Without Pay. If the employee elects to take Leave Without Pay, the employee continues to accrue Annual and Sick Leave, and other benefits, even if it extends beyond fifteen (15) days.

    All Military Leave shall be accurately reported on the employee’s time records.

  4. Authority

    MCA 10-1-604; MOM 300321

  5. Responsibility

    Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or delegee, Supervisors