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703.3 Board of Regents Employment Contracts

Date Adopted: 06/09/2009
Date Revised: 
Date Last Reviewed: 01/16/2024
References: BOR 711.2
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

  1. Policy

    Board of Regents approval is required to appoint or change the employment status of certain faculty and administrative/professional employees of the University. Regents approval is granted through submission of the personnel transactions on the Board of Regents Consent Agenda.

  2. Purpose

    The purpose of this procedure is to insure timely and accurate processing of such items.

  3. Procedures

    1. The following positions shall be hired through a Board of Regents employment contract:
      • Commissioner of Higher Education
      • Deputy/Associate Commissioner
      • President
      • Vice President
      • Provost
      • Vice Provost
      • Chancellor
      • Vice Chancellor
      • Deans of the Colleges of Technology in Helena and Great Falls
      • Legal Counsel
      • All other Commissioner’s staff employed under contracts
    2. Board of Regents employment contracts:
      1. Employees in positions referenced above shall be issued a Board of Regents employment contract specifying salary and other terms of employment. Board of Regents employment contracts are for a maximum of a one-year period and must be signed by the applicable President, Chancellor, or the Commissioner of Higher Education, and be approved by the Board of Regents. For the Commissioner and Presidents, the procedures for two-year contracts and certain other conditions are governed by BOR Policy 702.5 (Appointment; Executive Contracts; Commissioner and Presidents).
      2. Except in cases of mid-contract termination for cause or loss of funding, full-time employees hired through a Board of Regents employment contract shall be given written notice of intent not to renew their contracts at least thirty (30) days prior to expiration during the first year of employment; three (3) months prior to expiration during the second year of employment, or; five (5) months prior to expiration during the third or subsequent years of employment with the institution.
      3. All other terms and conditions of employment shall be outlined in the contract.
    3. Limitations: No agent of the Board of Regents may make commitments or promises to any employee to extend employment beyond the maximum term authorized in this policy. Any such promises, whether written, oral or implied, are invalid and unenforceable.
    4. Salary adjustments for executives working under Board of Regents employment contracts are subject to guidelines approved by the Board.
  4. Authority

    BOR 711.2

  5. Responsibility

    Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, Executive Officers