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704.9 Layoff: Non-Union Staff

Date Adopted: 11/13/2009
Date Revised:
Date Last Reviewed: 01/16/2024 
References: HRS Policies
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

  1. Policy

    The University of Montana Western shall administer layoffs of non-union employees in accordance with Human Resource procedures.

  2. Purpose

    This policy provides guidelines for discontinuing an individual’s employment on a temporary or permanent basis for reasons including, but not limited to, lack of funding, reorganization, or operational needs.

  3. Procedures

    1. Types of Layoff

      1. Scheduled Layoff

        An employee’s employment may be temporarily discontinued at regularly scheduled intervals as a condition of employment. Upon expiration of the specified term, the employee will be reinstated to the position consistent with the terms of employment.

      2. Permanent Layoff

        Employees may be permanently laid off due to discontinuance of a program, department, job, absence of work to be performed, financial reasons, or for any other operational need. Layoffs are determined by the department head according to the staffing and fiscal needs of the department.

    2. Layoff Procedure

      Employees will receive a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days written notice prior to a layoff. Because the layoff is not a discharge for cause, the employer will provide letters of recommendation and the Human Resources Office may assist the employee in seeking other employment.

    3. Transfers/Re-employment

      Laid-off employees may be transferred into vacant non-union staff positions without a recruitment given the following conditions:

      1. The Human Resource Services Office determines that the employee meets the qualifications for the position according to the role description and selection criteria.
  4. Authority

    HRS Policies

  5. Responsibility

    Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or delegee