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Single Admissions Transmittal


A current Montana Western student or one who has attended within the past five years and plans to transfer to a different Montana University System (MUS) campus has the option to request that their file be transferred to the campus of their choice within the MUS. This request is made through the Transmittal of Undergraduate Application Materials form. Completed forms along with an $8.00 transmittal fee should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The materials in the packet mailed to the MUS institution will include: Official Montana Western transcripts; Admissions files; and copies of college or university transcripts submitted during the admissions process.

The Registrar’s Office is unable to fax files or process requests if a student has not completed at least one semester or if it has been more than five years since their last attendance at the University of Montana Western.

Transmittal of Undergraduate Application Materials

Board of Regent Single Admission File Policy

Official transcripts may be requested one of three ways

Change in Fees as of January 6th: Official transcripts will cost $10 per copy.

Option One: Transcript Ordering Online

The University of Montana Western is partnered with National Student Clearinghouse to receive transcript orders via the Web. Students can order their transcripts using any major credit card. The credit card will be charged after the order is complete.

Online transcript orders require:

  • A valid credit or debit cardAn active email address.
  • The requester must enable cookies on their browser.
  • The student must have their Western ID number or Social Security Number available.

A current or former student may select one of two routes to request transcripts online.

  • Log into DAWGS and select Student Services. Then select Student Records. Finally select Request Official Transcripts. These steps link the student to the National Student Clearinghouse and authenticate the student identification.


The National Student Clearinghouse website will guide the requester through placing their order, including delivery options and fees. A student may order as many transcripts as they like in a single session. A $2.25 processing fee will be charged per request in addition to the transcript fee. Order updates will be sent to the active email address listed or a student can check their order status or history online.

Requests through the National Student Clearinghouse require an authentication through a faxed or electronic signature before the request can be processed.

For help with the National Student Clearinghouse transcript ordering service, visit


Option Two: Order Transcripts through the Mail or Fax

Complete and sign the Printable Transcript Request Form. Mail the completed request form and appropriate payment to:

Registrar’s Office
University of Montana Western
710 South Atlantic Street
Dillon, MT 59725


Fax it to:
Attn Registrar’s Office


Option Three: Order a Transcript in Person

Transcript requests will be processed in the Registrar’s Office in the James Short Building upon presentation of a completed transcript request form, presentation of valid photo ID, and the required payment for the request. Transcript requests may be submitted in person during normal business hours Monday through Friday.


End of Term Transcript Options

Transcripts with the current semester’s grades or degrees posted are available after the end of the term, even if specific requirements are completed prior to the end of the semester. Student’s may order transcripts before the end of the term and request a hold for degree or hold for grades if they desire the transcript to be released after final grades or degrees are posted. For hold for grades, a student can expect their transcripts to be released within approximately 2 weeks after the semester has ended. For hold for degrees, a student can expect their transcript to be released within 3-4 weeks after the semester has ended assuming all degree requirements are met.


Delivery Options & Costs

Standard Mail: Sent via the United States Postal Service.

USPS Express: Sent via the United States Postal Service through Express Mail. Additional charge of $22.68 per order will apply.

USPS Priority Mail: Sent via the United States Postal Service through Priority mail. Additional charge of $7.65 per order will apply

FedEx US: This is a rush mailing option sent by FedEx available for $25.00 per order.

FedEx Canada, Mexico, International:  $75.00 per order

Hold for Pick Up: Transcripts will include an “Issued to Student” and envelope will be noted as unofficial if opened. The registrar’s office will call the student when their transcripts are ready to be picked up. The student must present photo ID in order to pick up the transcript.

Fax: Transcripts may be faxed to a specified location but are usually considered unofficial unless faxed to a college or university in Montana. It is highly recommended that the student requesting the transcripts check with the receiving institution before

requesting a transcript sent by fax. There is an additional $1.00 per page fee for faxing transcripts.


Important Notes

  • All transcripts will be processed as requested. Changes to delivery and holding options will require a new order.
  • Questions regarding requesting official transcripts may be sent to
  • If there is a hold on the student’s account, your transcript request cannot be processed. It is the requester’s responsibility to notify the registrar’s office when the hold is released.
  • Orders cannot be requested by phone
  • Only the student may request their transcript.