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Advising How-tos

The following information may be accessed through your DAWGS account.

How do I know what classes are required for my degree?

How do I change my personal information online?

  • Login to DAWGS (8000# and PIN)
  • Personal information
  • Update your Address and Phone, Email, or Emergency Contact

How do I view my class schedule so I know where to go my first day?

  • Login to DAWGS
  • Student Services
  • Registration
  • Select term and Submit
  • Student Detail Schedule

What is an advising pin (previously known as an alternate pin)?

  • A 6-digit number generated each semester that allows you to register for classes online by unlocking the registration screen on DAWGS
  • Advising pins change each semester for every student
  • You must meet with your assigned primary advisor to retrieve your advising pin prior to registering for your new semester of classes

How do I find out who has been assigned as my advisor?

  • Login to DAWGS
  • Student Services
  • Student Records
  • Student Information
  • If prompted, submit for the most current term available

Can I change my advisor? How?

  • Yes
  • Take a Change of Degree or Advisor Form to the new advisor you desire, and request them to sign you onto their advising roster
  • Submit your signed Change of Degree or Advisor Form to the Advising Center
  • You do not need approval/signatures from your previous advisor

Can I have more than one advisor?

  • Yes, you are assigned a primary advisor, but you may also have one or more secondary advisors if there are multiple different disciplines in your degree program, or if you are an active participant of TRiO.
  • Only your primary advisor will have your advising pin during each registration season
  • For more information, go to What Can an Advisor do for you?

Where do I check to make sure my degree is listed properly?

  • Login to DAWGS
  • Student Services
  • Student Records
  • Student Information
  • If prompted, submit for the most current term available

What if I’m seeking two majors or degrees? How can I check that both are listed?

  • Follow the steps to check if your degree is listed properly.
  • If you are seeking one degree with two majors and/or minors, both will be listed in the same degree program box.
  • If you are seeking two separate degrees, two separate degree program boxes will be visible with your information for each degree.

What if my degree information listed on DAWGS is incorrect?

How do I officially declare, change, or add a major or minor?

How do I know when it’s time to register?

  • Get familiar with the Academic Calendar
  • Keep an eye out for posters and flyers around campus
  • Check out the Bulldog Bulletin
  • For more information on how to register, go to Registration.

What are Advising Workshops?

  • Advising Workshops are hands-on sessions offered every semester that help you be registration responsible
  • Academic Advisors help prepare you for your meeting with your primary advisor by giving you the tools to design a schedule you like during the process of planning out your next semester of classes.
  • Workshops begin the week before registration opens, and are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30-11: 30 am and 1:30-2: 30 pm until the end of the semester.
  • Look for announcements posted all over campus, in your email, and Weekly Flush for dates and times as it gets closer to registration.  See our Advising Workshop page.