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Advising Schedule Worksheets

Planning Your Schedule Tutorial Video

The video above is an easy way to learn how to plan your schedule.

The sheets below can be used for planning your schedule before meeting with your faculty advisor. To develop a schedule, you can attend an Advising Workshop, or develop a plan from the information below.

Schedule Planning Worksheet

Online/Distance Schedule Planning Worksheet

Check the degree requirements, and determine what you have taken already. To access your Credit Evaluation Worksheets go to the catalog, and choose the General Education, Major and Minor from the menu on the left.

Print the worksheets out by choosing the Print Degree Planner icon on the upper right of the page. The icon is indicated below:

Catalog Print Icon Fill in all the classes you have already taken, using your unofficial transcript, or use DegreeWorks.

You may follow this link or watch the video at the top of the page for a tutorial on planning your schedule.

Once you have completed that task, you can determine what the next logical steps are for classes. Make a list of these on the corresponding semester’s classes.

In DAWGS, you can see what is available for classes.

  1. Login to DAWGS
  2. Choose Class Schedule
  3. Choose Search by term

Write down CRN in the corresponding box. Take this to your faculty advisor to discuss your choices and obtain your Alternate PIN for registration.

If you attend a workshop, advising staff will walk you through the entire process so you know what you have taken and what you still need.  This allows you to keep track of your progress, for semesters to come. You will leave the workshop with a schedule in your hand, to review with your advisor.