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Advising Workshops

Advising workshops begin one week prior to the opening of registration. They are offered two days a week at 10:30-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-2:30 p.m. giving you multiple opportunities to attend. Check your UMW email for specific days and instructions.

Preparing for the workshop:

  • Check to make sure there are no holds on your account–these could be for failure to complete Vector, outstanding loans from the library, an issue with Residence Life, or a balance due. Having a hold on your account will prevent you from doing a multitude of things on your account, including registering for classes.
  • To check for holds:
    1. Login to DAWGS
    2. Choose Student Services
    3. Choose Student Records
    4. Choose View Holds
  • Contact the office that has placed the hold on your account for information on how to resolve the issue.

When attending the workshop, don’t forget to:

  • Bring something to write with
  • Know the name of your health insurance carrier—you will be required to enter this information while completing your Registration Agreement during the session
  • Bring your Bulldog ID Card—attendance at the workshop is worth Paw Prints!

During the workshop:

  • Academic Advisors will help you navigate DegreeWorks to determine what you have completed.
  • We will help you decide the next logical steps for courses.
  • Together we will look up the classes, with the help of some timesaving tips, to plan out a schedule with some potential different options.
  • You will take this schedule to your primary advisor for discussion and approval. They will then give you your Advising PIN needed for registration.
    • An Advising PIN is a 6-digit number that changes each semester, and is required to unlock the registration screen in DAWGS that allows you to register online.
  • Once you have your Advising PIN, you’ll want to login to your DAWGS and register for your courses as soon as possible.  Learn more about Registration.

Please note that your advisor may require you to attend an Advising Workshop prior to meeting with them regarding your schedule. Workshop seating is limited, and sessions may fill up quickly so please don’t be late. Once the workshop fills up, you’ll need to wait for the next available session.

Don’t put off going to a workshop or scheduling an appointment with your advisor as classes tend to fill up FAST! Be Registration Responsible!