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What can an Academic Advisor do for you?

All incoming new and transfer students work with one of the Academic Advisors in the Advising Center to get registered for classes their first semester, and assignment of faculty advisors is done midway through the first semester. Students will be required to meet with their assigned faculty advisor at least once a semester prior to registering for the next semester of classes.

The three types of primary advisors are:

  1. Academic Advisor from the Advising Center
    An Academic Advisor will help you register for your very first semester. If you need to complete remediation, are in a 2-year program, or have not declared a major, they will also be assigned to you as your primary advisor. Upon completion of remediation, or when you have declared a major or moved to a 4-year program, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor. The Advising Center Advisors also offer Advising Workshops for all students each semester, to help get you ready for registration for the following semester.
  2. Faculty Advisor
    Students who have declared a major, and do not need remediation, will be assigned to a faculty advisor within their field of study. A faculty advisor will help you make the appropriate course choices and help keep you on track for graduation. They will know about any changes to their degree requirements, possible course rotations, and special opportunities for learning such as travel or Honors courses. They are the experts in their field, and are great resources for you as you move towards a degree. They can help with career tips, job references, internship opportunities, letters of recommendation, and assistance with graduate school applications.
  3. TRIO Advisor
    If you are an active participant in the TRIO program, you will be assigned to a TRIO advisor in addition to your faculty advisor. Your TRIO advisor will help you plan your schedule each semester, and help you be successful in your academic career by providing one on one in-depth advising. The TRIO program requires you to fill out an application in order to be accepted into the program.

In addition to one primary advisor, students may also have one or more secondary advisors assigned. This allows the student other points of contact to discuss degree requirements, future scheduling, upcoming special opportunities for learning, etc. Please note, students will only be able to obtain their advising pin from their primary advisor.

Common examples of secondary advisors:

  1. If a student is an active participant of TRIO, as mentioned above, the TRIO advisor will be assigned as a secondary advisor.
  2. If a student is in a Secondary Education program, they will have a primary advisor assigned dependent on the content area they are focusing on, and a secondary advisor from the education department.
  3. If a student is seeking more than one major or degree, they will have an advisor assigned for each major or degree. The primary advisor is usually assigned based on the first major the student declared.
  4. Students may request to have a secondary advisor assigned to them at their discretion. They may also request to switch which of their advisors is their primary advisor contact.

To determine who has been assigned as your primary advisor, access your DAWGS account.

DAWGS log in (8000# and PIN)

  1. Choose Student Services
  2. Choose Student Records
  3. Choose Student Information
  4. If prompted, submit for the most current term available.